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Software Application Development Services in Delhi from SandStrom Infotech are innovative and aimed at providing new trends in the field of software designing and development. This is done in accordance with the software development standards to produce compatible software solutions.

As an Offshore Software Development Company in Inidia, SandStrom Infotech has a team of capacious domain savvy persons, with vast experience in technology. Our Offshore Application Development team is best suited to understand and analyze the application requirements, then architect, develop, test its endurance, and finally deploy it to the clients with post project delivery management and support services.

SandStrom Infotech Application Software Development Services include :
Custom software application development
Application augmentation
Database and B2B portals
Re-designing and development of existing application
E-commerce application development

Our working strategy :
Our application software developing team develops scalable and flexible software applications, integrating client business axioms for efficient products.
Detailed analysis of requirements is made observing specific objectives.
We build up portable solution as well as extensible solution.
We pursue advance software processes to keep track of software application development services at each stage; subsequently providing complete maintenance support after timely delivery of rigorously tested final application.
Timely feedback of each milestone completed in software application development services is submitted to the client.
We are steadfast to deliver solution in time, high quality, and within budget.

We have worked in diverse fields ranging from custom software application development to web application development, and also product application development.

Application Maintenance

SandStrom Infotech provides you the Application Maintenance Service which handles all the small to big complexities pertaining to your business applications. We can correct the defect and also enhance the capability of the application. SandStrom Infotech has a proven methodology to serve striking services and give better results. We use the global delivery model for application maintenance which let you concentrate on other sides of your business. SandStrom Infotech manages major application management engagements at minimal rate.

SandStrom Infotech works for you from start of your business, by identifying the need of the application, customizing it and maintaining it. By coming to us, you can not only get solutions at reduced maintenance rate but also timely release of programs. Application Management Solutions by SandStrom Infotech also includes coordination with development team for its future release. We understand your business domain, technology roadmap, methodologies and applications before catering you superior application support.

Enhance your application performance
Application bug fixing
Full portfolio optimization
Site Usage Tracking Management
Web Applications
Desktop Applications

Database Development

A Database Management System (DBMS) can be defined as a software that is specifically designed and developed to efficiently manage databases. SandStrom Infotech, a pioneer in outsourcing, has been providing high-quality and professional database management system services to a wide range of global customers. We have professional and proficient database administrators who are efficient in creating database systems.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
and Oracle are some of the common DBMSs.

Web Development

We have the complete expertise and experience for building customized web and software applications with extensive functionality. Our sole focus is on providing best combination of technology to deliver superior quality application that work in tandem with your strategic requirements. Our expert software professionals, ASP.NET developer, ASP.NET programmers, Web Development programmers are dedicated to software and web development in India.

Web application development involves the creation and maintenance of webmails, online retail sales, online forums, and a lot more, essential for efficient communication and transactions required by online businesses. The expert team of professionals at SandStrom Infotech have years of experience in web application development, which is one of the top featured services of our company.

SandStrom Infotech is one of the leading companies in terms of web application development. We have expertise across a wide range of technology platforms like ASP.NET, PHP, and ASP to deliver high-quality services for your online business. You can use our in-depth knowledge in web software development and applications to successfully implement your B2B and B2C strategies.

Most companies these days look for security and privacy in any kind of transaction over the Internet. This has gained importance as large numbers of companies are involved in outsourcing projects to other IT companies. The innovative and trustworthy web applications that we develop are capable of handling large amounts of data and transactions essential for the implementation of complex business ideas.

Our team provides excellent services by working with you in close collaboration. We focus on your unique business needs, understand its aims, and provide you with custom solutions by using cutting-edge technology. All the projects undertaken by SandStrom Infotech are treated as mission-critical. We deliver projects on time without exceeding the budget or compromising on the standard of quality. The web applications developed by us go through stringent quality checks before being implemented.

If you are planning to execute complex e-business ideas, then get in touch with the SandStrom Infotech team. We can help you in the formulation of customized web applications for your website, using the best technologies available in the domain of IT.

About sandstrom
SandStrom Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a global Information Technology (IT) company with an aim to maximize our client's productivity and profit by providing universal IT solutions and services for their business needs. Headquartered in New-Delhi, India, SandStrom is thriving to serve our global clients with utmost commitment to bring them ultimate peace of mind for all their IT-needs.

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